I knew exactly how most of the food products looked and tasted like back home in Sweden but I had a hard time navigating unfamiliar grocery stores abroad. Ever since my move to United States, I found it challenging to find the equivalent of products I used to get at home and saw the real need of doing so. Then, I would be able to have a taste of home while being away from home and maybe shorten the distance to it just a bit.


Foodiscover is a conceptual project I created to discover and correlate food from anywhere. With functions such as browsing food categories, grocery stores and food brands on deep comparison levels. Discover worldwide traditional dishes and get guidance of what to buy in order to recreate it in your country. The core feature is to add products to a list to correlate them with any other countries food products.


This was created from scratch and without any initial overlooking UX-plan. That’s right, the use cases of this product, if this product would be in use for anyone, its structure nor design wasn’t planned at all from the start. In fact, everything came together over time. This became a different and reversed process for me and I didn’t really find it ideal since I’m used to striving for clear and well defined visions before moving forward. The main reason why this happened was because of time limitations and a chance to challenge myself and learn about my work process. Now, I was forced to deliver meaningful and sharp designs/animation of the concept on my profile on Dribbble and social media once or twice a week (Goal set by myself) while also figuring out the user experience strategy. This demanded huge concentration and time management in order to deliver. Often times, I was thinking of the next concept part during the day by taking notes and preparing action lists in order to get into production right when I arrived to my work station. But why did I decided to deliver content as much as 1-2 times each and every week when I was missing half of the concept foundation? I always wanted to grow and improve my abilities even further and one of the biggest passions of mine is to be dedicated and focused. I wanted to push myself to find a way to make this blurry concept sharp and learn about the vital point of a proper process. I knew that I could make it and I believe I did so. Several of the last animations explains the core concept and interactions in very clear and interesting ways which completed the goal.


Dish Details

Experience demonstrated when swiping up the cover for dish details. Displaying title, estimated cooking time, favorite function, description, step by step instructions and lastly all ingredients needed in a correlation carousel.

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Browse by Country

Displaying dishes from different countries in order to get inspired and start correlate its ingredients to make it your own in any country.

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Fullscreen Dish Exploration & Selection

Here we are diving more into exploring food dishes from countries, its cooking times and preparations. Next up will probably be some sort of ingredients interface to quickly find the products you need to create the dish in any of the countries you’re in.

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Discover Dishes

Layout for exploring food and dishes from specific areas. Simple and clear pushes with big colorful photos.

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Tablet Correlation

Correlation interface and animation for tablet and everything above mobile. Explaining the core concept of this Foodiscover project. To find and list products from your country and correlate them to find similar products in any other country.

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Mobile Correlation

This animation says it all! Explaining the core concept of this Foodiscover project. To find and list products from your country and correlate them to find similar products in any other country.

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Mobile Product View

Here’s a first iteration for the product view on mobile. Here you should get all the information you need about a specific product and take action to add it to a list for later comparison/correlation.

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Mobile Browse

Browsing food directories on mobile, fading in new items with scroll with browse filters on top.

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Mobile Landing

Mobile landing page with fullscreen intro followed by pushes for discovering traditional food from all over the world. Displaying what products you will have to buy in each store and country to make it correlate to the original traditional dishes.

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Landing Page

Landing page for Foodiscover, to discover and compare food from anywhere. Browse food categories, grocery stores, food brands and compare it all to other countries. Also, find the food products you need to buy in an foreign grocery stores in order to create classic dishes from other countries.

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Food Category Exploration

Since moving to the US, it was difficult to adjust to the food habits here and how I could relate to products back in Sweden. This is a category exploration of a grocery/food app. Some further ideas is to add functions to compare food across countries for better guidance when going abroad.

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