Facebook Redesign


Dual-screen winter world


Majestic black running creation

Spotify iOS Mobile Redesign

Complete redesign of the mobile
app for Spotify on iOS

iOS 7 Redesign

The best does not always have to be
complicated, instead very simple & clear

Apple iPad Air

PSD mockup resource, perfect
for developers & designers

Torn apart by speed

Smoking asphalt & smoke
followed by a destroyed rear end

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Welcome to Wellgraphic

Digital creativity & passion


I’m Pontus Wellgraf, 21, from Sweden.
Striving for new knocking ideas that creates
something unique that others appreciate.

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Portfolio filled with all kinds of creations
made with pure creativity, inspiration, huge
passion for pixels and concepts made visible.

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Here is where all the magic begins,
new and exciting contacts and projects
to accomplish, talk soon!

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Fresh exclusive collection of graphic
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Wellgraphic Introduction Video 2013

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Fresh exclusive collection of graphic resources.
Wallpapers, guides, exclusive content and free downloads.