Using Mockups for UI and Web Designs

Using Mockups for UI and Web Designs

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It’s All About the Graphics

When publishing content online, visual assets will make a great difference on the impact it will have on your audience. Our brain recognizes visual information better and it works to help make a point come across.

Graphics can make a regular blog post, article or marketing campaign more attractive and help your audience retain the information better. Using graphics regularly on your website is a good practice, but when it comes to design oriented sites, this is a must.

Your audience will want to see a visual representation of what you are explaining, selling or recommending.

 Why You Should Use Mockups to Display UI and Web Designs?

Mockups are visuals that allow you to showcase an image inside of another image; for example, a MacBook image in which you can change what’s seen on the screen to show whatever image you want. Both graphic and web designers can benefit from the use of mockups, here are some strengths and reasons why you should use mockups:

To showcase your work to potential clients and partners

Let’s say you you are a UI and web designer and want to market your work, then mockups can help you display the actual product or service.

To share your work within context

Mockup templates come in a wide variety of scenarios and situations in which you can place your designs to make them coherent to the viewer. For example, if you are re-designing an education app, it would only make sense to promote it in an environment in which it would be used, like a school or a library. With mockups, you can display your work within context for a stronger approach to your consumer demographic.

Display projects in a professional manner

When finishing an important project, you will want to present it properly to the client or to your peers and colleagues to receive critique and feedback.

How to Make the Perfect Mockup for Your Website / UI Design

Now that we established mockups are a great asset for displaying UI and web designs, here are a couple best practices to follow to make the most out of these visual assets that can really enhance the way you present your work.

Choose quality mockups

This may seem a bit obvious, but it’s not. The internet has lots of resources when it comes to mockups, make sure you use professional mockup templates for a high fidelity display of your design. You will want to take close look at how your design fits in the device to avoid distortion.

Strive for a photorealistic appeal

The image should not look overlaid, it should integrate with the actual photo in a realistic way.

Choose mockups that relate to your audience

Find scenarios that will resonate with your audience. If you are presenting a new website proposal to a law firm, you may want to choose a mockup with a corporate environment.

Look for functional mockups

That iPhone 4 mockup you found on social media may be free, but is it the right device to use? Use mockups that are up date with the latest devices and screen sizes, this way your final asset will stay relevant a bit longer.

Find an easy-to-use mockup tool

One that lets you create a MacBook, iPad or iPhone mockup instantly so you can focus on what’s really important: working on your designs.  

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