Snap scrolling – Improving the way we scroll

Snap scrolling – Improving the way we scroll


The problem

We tend to go through feeds and scroll faster than ever. There is no time to waste on content that we don’t want to see and therefore, we have been forced to develop a new behavior when interacting. I have seen this very often and even myself, I am also scrolling in a similar way. You scroll, quickly tap your finger to stop the content, hold for a moment to see if it’s something interesting and then you repeat this for a while until your thumb is tired. I wonder how much content we actually miss when stressing it all through like this? Have we created a bad behavior? Moreover, why are we even following things that aren’t relevant to us?

The solution

This got me to start thinking about how to make this better and tweak this interaction to the optimum. The solution is based on fast and slow swipes. Scroll fast in any direction to snap to the top of the next content. Scroll slower/hold to scroll through the area without snapping. The post won’t snap as long as you are swiping slowly.


Original scroll

Snap scroll

Different scrollings

Behavior graph

Scrolls graph


In my opinion, this is a very small but yet effective improvement that could create a significant better experience when it comes to our way of scrolling through content. Not only you will save a lot of energy in your fingers but also you will be able to catch up easier with your content since it will become much more effective. Also, explore the previous Instagram improvements about feed filter and followings lists in order to enhance the experience.

What do you think about this solution?

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