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Instagram Improvements

Instagram Improvements - Square


In the information age that we are living in today it is hard to keep up with all the content that is posted. When I expand my social accounts and followings, my ambition is to stay connected with it all.

The problem

The problem is that there is simply too much content and not enough time or chance to catch up with it all. Maybe you understand the dilemma if you, like me, are following several hundred people. If you miss as little as one day to check the feed, you can miss lots of content that you are interested in.

The solution

Instagram should have a feed filter and followings lists in order to enhance the experience. To sort all your followings into certain lists of your choice. With this, you could easily set the filter to an specific list to see content from only those people. The lists are presented with a list name, number of accounts and a summary of profile pictures within the list.


In my opinion, this is some very small but yet effective improvements that could create a significant better experience when it comes to availability. Not only you will catch up with your interests, others will get increased attention aswell for not missing out either.

Filter icon is added in top bar

Choose which group you want to see content from

Sorting your followings in lists

Choose which group you want to see content from

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