Happy New Year 2014

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Hoping you are having a fantastic end of this year 2014!

I felt for sharing a longer message to you all since it has been a busy year
with much things going on and a hard life of change for me personally.

In the past year, Wellgraphic have since January 2014 grown from 7000 until today, the last day of the year to incredible
17000 likes on Facebook.Although this is amazing, it’s about so much more than just likes. I have had the opportunity to
continue doing what I love, that inspires me and to share my visions through projects that I dedicate to make the best of.

In January this year, I presented the dual-screen winter project In The Slope that was created with the love of winter.
A photo manipulated winter world to decorate your dual-screen setup with. The project served a presentation of 6000px,
4 min progress video and a Wallpaper Package free for download for all your devices.

Later this year, the Facebook Redesign were created to share my vision how Facebook should step up their game.
This redesign is going full screen and replacing all the empty spaces with intuitively and significant content.
Things are cleaned up and the whole interaction process are created for straight forward interactions, easy and clear.
This project is presented with a 12000px presentation, 1 min motion graphic video and a UI KIT free for download.

This is the period of the year when everything suddenly stops. I lose my dad, my biggest inspiration
and energy in life. It’s difficult to recover energy and strength to move on but I’ve also got an
incredibly powerful force inside me that keeps me going, dad wants that.

Design is so much more than just something to look at. It’s also something you feel, live into and being passionate about with
your whole sole and having the boost of energy for creating by your side through times when you need it as most. I started to work
on the big Snapchat Redesign when dad was still with us, after that I was fighting through to finish it all and with dedication as never before. Small but special important details is something that is often missed out, you are scrolling through a project quite briskly and
there’s nothing more about it you think. I want to go beyond that. I want to make other people feel into my designs
and projects and all passion that is behind it, just as I feel every time I look at it and working on it.

The LinkedIn Redesign is the best design and project I have ever made.
It’s also the most satisfying project in so many ways. Complete redesign of the leading social network for business and careers.
I felt that it’s about time to take everything to it’s proper level. The refined style is modern, well organized and adapted to
professional needs. Designed for efficiency and perfect corporate style. This project is presented with a 31000px presentation,
4 min motion graphic video and a UI KIT free for download.

I will continue to post the remaining parts of this LinkedIn Redesign project since there’s so much more to be presented and explored.
I hope that you have enjoyed this past year and I’m really looking forward to make 2015 an even better year

Happy New Year everyone and thank you!

17000 Likes Facebook

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