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Dribbble Redesign Wellgraphic.com - Concept

Concept and vision

Dribbble is a big community of all kinds of creative types like web designers, graphic designers, interface designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers. Sharing screenshots of their work, personal progress, and current projects – an ideal place to show, promote and explore design. This network offers great possibilities to find excellent missions and to satisfy many needs, but there are also some features worth to be revised.

In each of my design projects I strive for improvement and constant visualization of possibilities, how to make user experiences even more powerful and focused. I have started this project in order to share my vision how to take this creative community to its next level – in a conceptual and a visual way of a redesign.

The whole concept is based on utilizing each and every pixel at its best: the created interfaces focus on full width content structures. Design should always be discovered in high definition for most favorable experience, which is one of the main goals of this project. The development process and the detail work have been massive, realized with enormous amount of dedication to this challenge.
I hope that you will enjoy every single part of this project, because there’s much to explore and discover!

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Passionate UI/UX Designer & pixel creator from Sweden. Interfaces, Web design and conceptual projects. Striving to reach the top, inspire and motivate others.

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