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I’m a passionate and hard working UI/UX-designer who chooses to see challenges as opportunities and struggles as something you can turn into powerful energy to proceed forward



November 5, 2016

Friendo Events – Web Experience

Friendo Events – Web Experience

May 18, 2016

UI Animations

UI Animations

April 16, 2016



April 12, 2016

Some words from co-workers, clients and connections

"Pontus has a very professional approach. He is dedicated to his work with design and know his ways with UI/UX"

− Morten Korshavn Nielsen, Webdesigner at Better Collective

"Pontus is truly the colleague, leader, friend and team member you've always wished for. You can always count on him doing his best"

− Kajsa Lundborg, Growth & Community Manager at Zpotdrop

"Pontus is a dedicated designer with a very high standard. To his creative talent he adds a special capability and willingness to focus on a client’s goal and deadlines with optimal efficiency."

− Marie-Luise Schaller, Project Coordinator at IRR

"Pontus is a detail-oriented perfectionist, with a fine-tuned sense of style, that won't stop working until he's made something that's not just good, but great."

− Tobias Ahlin, Product designer at Tappily

Five characteristics that represent me

Passionate, dedicated, disciplined, open minded, humble


My name is Pontus Wellgraf, passionate UI/UX designer from Sweden. For the past 6 years, I have been working as a web and graphic designer, providing freelance services by my own company Wellgraphic. In addition to this, to become a better designer, I have spent much time and effort with personal projects and various redesign concepts in order to find innovative solutions, expand my knowledge and extend my passion. Soon to become a graduate from Hyper Island and the Mobile Creative program in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why I do what I do

Design has kept me alive during a hard period of my life I had to pass. Unfortunately, I recently lost my dad in the fight against cancer after over 4 years of struggles. However, the power of turning something negative into strength is truly endless. Design has been my escape route for overcoming the grief that easily could break down anybody. My passion grew increasingly, and the very best thing I know since then is to work intensively and passionately with creating, designing, animating or whatever that keeps my mind active. Therefore, I never stop and feel that I don’t want to settle yet. I want to keep proceeding forward, create more things, achieve bigger goals and grow even more together with others.

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Hyper Island Student

Educated in the Mobile Creative program at Hyper Island in Stockholm.


A Design agency that has been working with UI/UX, graphic-/web design for clients worldwide since 2010.

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